Seeing The Light

I recently spent a week’s vacation in Las Vegas and I thought I would use this opportunity to set myself a personal challenge. Knowing that I was planning a Road Trip next year I wanted to see if I could take normal “holiday” photographs as well as a specific photographic assignment.  The assignment I set myself was “Seeing The Light” a series of Las Vegas pictures in black and white.  I hoped that shooting black and white would minimise the distractions of this colourful city and instead focus attention on the subject.

So here are the images, let me know what you think:

Double Trouble – the reaction to 2 street performers walking down the Strip.
Wheelie – that’s one way to travel down the Strip!
Deco – there is some great architecture in Vegas, you’ve just got to look for it.
Sign Silhouette – in the right place at the right time to catch this man against the sign.
Bowl – love the old time vibe.
Running – this was 5am!!!
Dance – says it all.
Starbucks – got to be the nicest coffee shop ever.
Steps – sleek glass and chrome reduced to shades of grey.
Crystals – light tunnel walkway.
Cool Car – old school.
No Sale – the owner is just out of shot,I bought her lunch.
3 Nurses?
Dance – he looks happy!
The Strip – looks like a different era without colour, spot the #VEGASSTRONG
Excuse me Officer – she was genuinely upset, but Vegas’ finest were doing their bit.
Selfie – at least she was standing in the right place for the light.
The Lights – shot handheld.

3 thoughts on “Seeing The Light

  1. Interesting collection. You set yourself a very hard task as Vegas is of course a city full of illuminations and light. I love the picture of the older dancers, you capture their expressions wonderfully and there is less distraction in the background. Totally love the car, possibly my favourite. should go to the Monte Carlo race leaving Paisley next week. Their will be some interesting cars no doubt. Its at Paisley Abbey.


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