I am Addicted to Las Vegas

I have just finished my first photo essay as part of another piece of work I was doing.  It gives some insight into the type of photographs I like to take when I am in the United States and some of my thoughts when I am taking these photos. I have therefore reproduced it here, the images used here are all mine.

The iconic image of Las Vegas, the vibrant bustling metropolis feeding the worst of human weaknesses.
The Cleveland Clinic showing there is so much more to Vegas including some of the very best architecture and medical facilities in the USA.


While some parts of the city have a bad reputation, there is a great push on urban renewal and Las Vegas is now a leader in the worldwide street art scene.


Vegas is in the middle of the desert and you can go from the bustling city to this abandoned ghost town in under an an hour.
All the excess and success has a cost and for some people the addiction to this great city takes a far greater personal toll.

2 thoughts on “I am Addicted to Las Vegas

  1. Loving these photos. What an amazing glimpse of the different flavours of Las Vegas… A brilliant mix – Mind blowing view in darkness (very ambient) – awe inspiring! Blast from the past (lonely, desolate car, previously loved, but now forgotten). – sad, melancholy, but strangely powerful image. Brilliant graffiti (smile provoking) – despite what is probably a downtown area there is a really positive vibe from this one. Finally, the last photo (emotional, powerful, raw, and very charismatic) – an image that hits you straight in the stomach (Personally, I think this is worthy of some kind of photographic recognition) – it makes you want to give the subject a hug, meal and cup of tea. Very emotional indeed. Cannot wait to see what’s in store from the next trip!


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